Michters Whiskey Sour Mash 86pf 750ml

Michters Whiskey Sour Mash 86pf 750ml rl239

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APPEARANCE: Honey hue with copper or amber around the edge. Beads up in medium-width slow beads. NOSE: Very candied aromas, fruity with orange and apricot, but at the same time chewy—caramel, nougat—with some floral notes in attendance. PALATE: While the official take (Michter’s own) on the sensation is that it starts out as sweet and Bourbon-like and turns to spicy rye notes, we tasted the same things, but in the opposite direction. Begins with a lot of mouth tingle, sort of like menthol lozenge that greets you with a big spicy presence and then becomes candy-like with sparkles of fruit (cherry and orange) and honey. A touch of water reveals even more fruit. FINISH: Becomes more savory as it starts to tale off with incidental sweet-fruit explosions.

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