Stolichnaya Vodka Elit Ultra Luxury 375ml

Stolichnaya Vodka Elit Ultra Luxury 375ml rl12421

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Ultra-Luxury Vodka, elit, is a 10-time platinum, award-winning vodka and regarded as one of
the world’s finest spirits. Every single stage in creation of elit is a fusion of passion and
precision. Created to reimagine the centuries old tradition of a unique Freeze Filtration at -18C,
elit represents the best of both old and new world vodkas. From its visible luminosity in the glass
to its weight, rolling mouthfeel, elit exerts a presence unlike any other vodka.
elit® vodka is of superior quality and a smooth spirit with the highest level of purity. elit is
crystal clear, slightly viscous with strong legs. It showcases a clean, fresh and engaging nose
with a rich and velvety mouthfeel with hints of lemon, white pepper and vanilla.

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