Se Busca Mezcal Joven Artesanal 750ml

Se Busca Mezcal Joven Artesanal 750ml rl17903

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Se Busca which means ‘wanted’ in Spanish is a tribute to the brave women of the Mexican
Revolution who stood shoulder to shoulder with men in battle for a new constitution. As
unapologetic as a Mezcal, these women were outlaws of their time. Se Busca is our tribute to
their battle cry that proved that in every revolution there is Love. A truly Artisanal Oaxaca
Mezcal for everyone carrying the rebel spirit in their heart.
Se Busca Joven is a super-premium Mezcal made from 100% Agave Augustifolia Espadin and
handmade in the traditional way. Joven showcases a light smoky taste with a hint of gunpowder,
with prominent aromas of cooked agave and mesquite. It opens with flavors of nuts, fruit and
green vegetables dancing across the palate, landing beautifully in a sweet, weighted finish with a
mellow and spicy kick!

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