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Chopin Vodka Potato 750ml

Chopin Vodka Potato 750ml 8572

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Produced only from mid-September into early December, Chopin Potato is crafted from potatoes grown naturally ? without chemicals or pesticides ? by select local farmers in the fertile Podlasie countryside. These are harvested late in the season to ensure an exceptionally high starch content (22% vs. the average 12%), for a richer, more flavorful vodka.

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Chopin Potato Vodka reshaped western perceptions of vodka with its introduction to the U. S. market in 1997.

Chopin Potato is an excellent base for cocktails; served neat or on the rocks, it is unsurpassed. Try it in a CEO ? a Chopin martini with extra olives.

At Chopin Vodka, we take a unique approach to the way that we make our spirits. We were the first to debut ultra-luxury vodka in 1992 and the first to sell our products in our patented frosted bottle with a clear window - a design that has since redefined the vodka sector. From this pioneering starting place, we catalyzed the worldwide luxury vodka phenomenon with ideas that have since been imitated countless times. Quality and innovation are the values that define Chopin Vodka and we are driven by a mission to change the way that vodka is perceived throughout the world. We believe that the definition of vodka - ?a flavorless, odorless, neutral spirit without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color? - is simply incorrect. We also reject the popular notion that all vodkas are the same. The flavor profile of our marquee product, Chopin Potato Vodka, is distinctively creamy with earthy notes and sets the standard in its category. To prove these claims wrong, we set out to do something revolutionary: we decided to produce three different single-ingredient vodkas - potato, rye and wheat - to showcase just how different vodkas can be. We are the only brand in the world to produce a range of distinctive vodkas from individual ingredients. We are set apart from other vodka brands not only by our unique philosophy, but also because we do not produce any artificially flavored vodka. We prefer to keep our vodkas pure and let their ingredients speak for themselves. We invite you to try our collection of hand-crafted vodkas and experience why we are widely regarded as the world?s top vodka distillers.

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