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Chopin Vodka Potato

Chopin Vodka Potato 8572


Produced only from mid-September into early December, Chopin Potato is crafted from potatoes grown naturally ? without chemicals or pesticides ? by select local farmers in the fertile Podlasie countryside. These are harvested late in the season to ensure an exceptionally high starch content (22% vs. the average 12%), for a richer, more flavorful vodka.

Tasting notes: Chopin Potato has an alluring nose with subtle notes of vanilla and green apple. It is creamy and well-rounded with a reassuring earthiness and a long, clean finish.
Rating: Ultimate Beverage Challenge 91 points (Mar 2013)
Clean and floral on the nose, with grainy aromas coming into play as well. Wonderfully round and full in the mouth with a slight grainy sweetness and a pleasant saline quality. Concludes with a exceptionally creamy finish that is very well balanced. Fantastic.
Other text: Chopin Potato Vodka reshaped western perceptions of vodka with its introduction to the U. S. market in 1997.

Recipe: Chopin Potato is an excellent base for cocktails; served neat or on the rocks, it is unsurpassed. Try it in a CEO ? a Chopin martini with extra olives.

ABV: 0.0%
Distillery: Not specified
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Volume: 750.0ml
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