Hornitos Tequila Plata 750ml

Hornitos Tequila Plata 750ml 1464091*

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For the purest expression of 100% agave, look no further than our Plata. This tequila has a clean, lively flavor with floral and herbal notes. Enjoyable from start to finish. Made with 100% Agave Fresher tasting tequila due to the fresh pressing of the agaves and gentle extraction process. Hornitos is 100% agave tequila - offering a fresher, authentic and approachable premium tequila. Hornitos is the #2 selling premium tequila brand family.

Technical notes
PROOF 80 ABV 40%

Hornitos Paloma
1 part Hornitos Plata Tequila
2 parts fresh ruby red grapefruit juice
1 part simple syrup
2 parts club soda
Build in order over ice in a tall glass, stirring once before adding soda and once after.
Garnish with a lime wedge or grapefruit wedge.
Rosemary sprig optional.

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Size: 750 ml
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