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No spirit captures the essence of America like bourbon--America's original spirit. Bourbon has been produced for generations in America's midwest. Kentucky may be home to most of America's bourbon distilleries, but it is north of the Ohio River, in Indiana, where the heart and soul of bourbon is found. It is here, in Indiana, where most of the corn that is made into bourbon is grown and harvested. These small family farms have supplied Kentucky distilleries for generations. Today, as in generations past, our Indiana farmers also harvest corn for Indiana distilleries.

Spring Mill Bourbon, named for the site of one of Indiana's oldest distilleries, is handcrafted in Indiana as bourbon has been for generations. In the early nineteenth century bourbon from Spring Mill was rafted down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and sold into the markets in New Orleans. Today, our Spring Mill Bourbon gets to market a bit quicker, but we still take our time to produce this wonderful bourbon.

We bottle our bourbon in traditional ceramic bottles fired from clay molds. Our traditionally made bourbon sees the addition of a bit of rye for some spice. Aged in new charred oak, Spring Mill Bourbon sees a secondary maturation in a second set of new charred American oak barrels. This secondary maturation rounds out the spiciness and contributes to a fuller, richer flavor.

Founded in 2008, Heartland Distillers is Indiana's first new distillery since Prohibition. Founder Stuart Hobson had a vision to renew Indiana's 200 year old distilling heritage which largely died out during Prohibition. His vision was to again produce high quality spirits using some of the best ingredients found in Indiana.

Our spirits are created with Indiana produce to promote local buying and minimize the need for cross-country shipping. We utilize time tested old world techniques and modern technology to create our spirits. Technology and technique are combined with local, hand-selected ingredients to create unique and flavorful spirits that can compete side-by-side with any spirit in the world.

For over 200 years Indiana has been home to world-class agriculture and a rugged heartland work ethic. Once again premium spirits are being produced in the Heartland.

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