Fukucho Sake Junmai Ginjo Moon On The Water 720ml

Fukucho Sake Junmai Ginjo Moon On The Water 720ml 1338294*

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Miho Imada, Fukucho owner and toji (master brewer), is one of the few female tojis in Japan. This sake is made with the famous soft water of Hiroshima prefecture which gives it deep, persistent flavor.

Technical notes
Seimaibuai: 55% (45% of rice grain polished away) Rice: Yamada Nishiki & Hatta Nishiki Yeast: Brewer’s Original Nihonshu-do: 3 Alcohol: 16. 5% Acidity: 1. 4

Fukucho Biho (Imada) produces exclusively high quality Ginjo-class sake, using mainly Hiroshima prefecture rice. Caring for quality, they will only sell their sake to stores that are dedicated to excellent quality control. They are based in Akitsu, Hiroshima, the same as the first person to develop Ginjo-class sake. To be true to their region’s style, they try to revive old strains of sake rice native to the area. With the skill & tradition of a 100 year legacy, they hope to spread the taste of a true Hiroshima Ginjo to the far corners of the world.

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