Kasumi Tsuru Sake Extra Dry Kimoto 300ml

Kasumi Tsuru Sake Extra Dry Kimoto 300ml 1340172*

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Technical notes
PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS- GRADE Premium Futsu- MILLING/POLISH 68%- ALCOHOL 18. 6% - RICE Gohyakumangoku - SMV +3- PROFILE Dry, Crisp- SERVING TEMP. Chilled or Warm- SIZES 720ml- PRODUCTION DETAILS - AGING TYPE Not Aged- PASTEURIZATION Once Pasteurized- PRESSING Yabuta - BREWERY DETAILS- NAME Kasumi Tsuru- LOCATION Hyogo Prefecture - TOJI Tatsuya Matsumoto -

With nearly 300 years of brewing experience, Kasumi Tsuru is unique in that it crafts sake using only the Kimoto and Yamahai brewing methods. These methods produce high quality, distinctive, umami rich sake. Tucked on the northern side of Hyogo prefecture and just a short drive from the coast, Kasumi-Cho is a hidden gem that has been steadily brewing delicious sake for centuries. Although most think of Kobe and its famous Nada District in the south when it comes to sake from Hyogo Prefecture, Kasumi Tsuru benefits from the terroir of Northern Hyogo in terms of high-quality sake-specific rice such as Yamada Nishiki and Hyogo Kita Nishiki. Being in close proximity to the ocean also means an abundance of delicious seafood in addition to other local delicacies. Kasumi Tsuru has hundreds of years of experience brewing sake that pairs wonderfully with a variety of cuisine.

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