Kenbishi Sake Mizuho 720ml

Kenbishi Sake Mizuho 720ml 2088431*

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”Mizuho” is completely different from Ginjo and Daiginjo style sake. Very full bodied, rich, but soft and round finish. The flavorful soft depth will increase the enjoyment with each glass.

Technical notes
Rice Grain:Yamada Nishiki SMV:0 Acidity:1. 7 Alcohol: 17%

Food pairing
Not all sake is meant to be drunk warm or hot, but Kenbishi is one of those exceptions. Kenbishi is now often enjoyed warm and hot by sake experts and connoisseurs. As more people enjoy and learn about sake, one will find not only premium sakes are enjoyed chilled, but also enjoyed warm.

Kenbishi is known as the first sake brewery to be branded in Japan. In days of old, Kenbishi was very popular sake enjoyed by samurai. On the eve of major military battles, a large Kenbishi barrel would be ceremoniously opened. It was believed that sake strengthened the bonds of friendship and established strong loyalty in upcoming battles.

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