Kitaya Sake Junmai Dai-ginjyo Kansansui 300ml

Kitaya Sake Junmai Dai-ginjyo Kansansui 300ml 1881476*

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Made using the "Shizukushibori" method and head water of the Yabe River, Kansansui has a soft touch coupled with subtle fruit and rice notes.

*Double Gold at 2011 Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) Wine Tasting Competition *Best of Show at 2011 Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) Wine Tasting Competition *Double Gold at 2011 San Francisco International Wine Competition

Kitaya was founded some 190 years ago during the Bunsei Era (1818 - 1830) in Yame City. Located in the south of Kyushu’s breadbasket on the Tsukushi Plains, the city is rich in nature and scenic beauty. Because Komeya (“rice shop”) was the original name of the family business, it is thought to have been a rice dealer before establishing the brewery. It is now in its 7th generation of stewardship. The three Japanese characters within the word “Kitaya” read “Joy”, “Many”, “Homes”, and to this day represent Kitaya’s corporate philosophy of “Spreading Joy, One Sake at a Time”. Also, because founder Saikichi Kinoshita was passionate about brewing he employed himself as the chief brewer, the family rule that “The Owner should brew the Sake” has been passed down through the generations. In order to further improve the quality of our products, we built a new production facility in 1997 equipped with the newest bottling technology. This was all in an effort to produce the best top shelf Daiginjyo and Junmai ranked sake. In 2011, our Junmai Daiginjyo Kansansui sake was entered into the San Francisco International Wine Competition, receiving the highest Double Gold award. Then in 2013, the Daiginjyo Gokujo was entered into the IWC (International Wine Challenge) held in London, where Kitaya was awarded the Champion Sake of the World.

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