Yoshinogawa Gensen Karakuchi 720ml

Yoshinogawa Gensen Karakuchi 720ml 1567201*

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Sake without restrictions on rice grade nore polish level and may also containe a higher level of distilled alcohol. Premium futsu brewers use this freedom to craft incredibly expressive sake.

Technical notes
Grade: Futsu- Rice (Koji): Gohyakumangoku- Rice (Kake): Niigata Rice- Polish Rate: 65%- Alcohol: 15. 6%- SMV: +7- Acidity: 1. 2- Amino Acidity: 1. 4- Yeast: K701- Press: Yabuta- Profile: Dry, Umami, Savory- Serving Temp: Chilled Warm, Hot- Sizes: 720ml, 1. 8L- Brewery Details- Location: Niigata Prefecture- Founded Date: 1548- Toji: Masatsugu Fujino- Special Features: Gluten Free, Sulfite Free

Yoshinogawa is the oldest sake brewery in Niigata Prefecture. This ancient brewery was founded in 1548 and retains many of its age-old practices while keeping focused on the changes in the world today. Master brewer Fujino-san focuses his team’s efforts on crafting the finest sake. Together they draw from centuries-old knowledge and techniques to brew diverse styles that each reflect the lush, fertile agricultural region of Niigata.

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