Blanc De Bleu Brut Blanc De Rose Cuvee Mousseux 750ml

Blanc De Bleu Brut Blanc De Rose Cuvee Mousseux 750ml 2306065*

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Wine maker notes
Using natural fermentation to make the fine bubbles, this sparkling wine expresses itself with a pleasant yeasty character coupled with the light fruitiness of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines. The balance is tart with lively bubbles refreshing the palate.

Food pairing
We firmly believe that an elegant sparkling wine like Blanc de Bleu Blanc de Rose Brut will compliment a wide variety of foods, including fish, porkloin, steak, chicken, Italian cuisine, vegan dishes like butternut squash with polenta, and salads with a light (no vinegar) dressing.

Premium Vintage Cellars is proud to present the debut of Blanc de Bleu®, the ”World’s First Blue” grape sparkling wine. We challenged ourselves in 2006 to create a special sparkling wine that would dazzle the imagination and accomplished that with Blanc de Bleu®. We are proud to serve high-quality, premium sparkling wine from the quiet vineyards of Northern California. We not only present the finest flavor of these grapes in this bottle but also wrap it in a veil of charm. We traveled all over the world to seek the finest craftsmen to partake in designing this beautiful bottle and packaging in style. What started out as a challenge to create the world’s first blue sparkling wine is now a reality. Blanc de Bleu® is a unique sparkling wine that you will experience for the first time anywhere. Welcome and enjoy all those special memories with Blanc de Bleu®.

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