Mad River Bourbon 750ml

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Bourbon has become The American Spirit; in a way that cognac represents France, gin represents England and vodka represents Russia in the hearts of their consumers. We offer our own special Vermont take on the liquid gold so associated with Appalachia. We use only locally-sourced organic corn and mature our bourbons on site in the clear, clean air of Vermont.

Our bourbon has a wonderful deep and rich aroma of organic corn, smokiness on the palate, and a smooth aromatic finish. Since bringing our bourbon to market in May, we have been selling our bourbon at local farmers markets, the distillery and of course through the Vermont state liquor stores. The response has overwhelming - we can barely keep it in stock!
So many visitors from the Southern states taste our bourbon and then buy a bottle to take home: the boys will never believe how good this is. You had better believe it. Pure Vermont corn in a four grain mash bill, made with our pure spring water (so pure we that we use it to proof our cask strength bourbon to bottle strength).

The origins of Mad River Distillers dates back to a dinner Maura and John were having in 2011. Maura was talking about planting a vineyard on their farm and someone suggested that Vermont was an unforgivng climate for grapes and that it would be better to produce something more indigenous like apple brandy. John, who was a life-long fan of Calvados, the French apple brandy, was immediately intrigued. Soon, Brett, who shared John's appreciation for Calvados, was on board and the idea of starting a distillery at Cold Springs Farm was born.

Next on board was Alex, who did an amazing job renovating a dilapidated old horse barn into a state of the art craft distllery. Along the way, Alex also became interested enough to sign on as the General Manager of Mad River Distillers. After finishing the renovations, obtaining our permits and firing up our still, we produced our first spirits, Mad River Rum in May 2013. We have produced over a half dozen different craft spirits since then, including Malvados, our flagship apple brandy.

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