Beefeater Gin London Dry 24 1L

Beefeater Gin London Dry 24 1L 1548061*

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The inclusion of Japanese Sencha and Chinese Green Tea in the botanical blend distinguishes Beefeater 24 from any other gin, helping to shape its unique aroma and smoothness, while the addition of grapefruit peel ensures that Beefeater’s signature citrus flavour remains present. The result is a gin with an incredible smoothness making it effortlessly mixable and perfect for modern cocktail culture.

Technical notes
Water Neutral spirit Juniper Japanese sencha Chinese green tea Grapefruit peel Lemon seel Coriander seed Almond Seville orange peel Orris rot Liquorice root Angelica seed Angelica root; 45. 00%

Green tea Martini 2 parts of Beefeater 24, 1 part of Lillet Blanc, 1-1. 5 parts of chilled Chinese green & sencha teas. Garnish with a small red grapefruit twist

Beefeater is the only international gin still distilled in London. For Beefeater Dry, the blending of nine natural botanicals and a unique 24 hour steeping progress combine to create a gin of unrivalled smoothness and complexity.

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