Tommyrotter Vodka Small Batch 750ml

Tommyrotter Vodka Small Batch 750ml 2040815*

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A vodka inspired by the pursuit of wholesome adventure. Distilled batch by batch from New York State grain. Charcoal-filtered and bottled by hand. An ode to our craft, this is an independent vodka.

Technical notes
40% alc. /vol. 80 proof

Our creative process is inspired by the Tommyrotters Club, a band of rebellious craftsmen and artisans in the early 20th century who broke rank from the Arts and Crafts Movement to create for creation's sake. They sought adventure, mischief and inspiration in nature. Their work honored an industrious spirit of back, hand and heart. Our multi-story distillery is open for free tastings and sales. Get an intimate view of our production floor from our tasting room's glass-walled mezzanine. Check out our small batch copper stills and see how our craft spirits are meticulously created. Sample our handcrafted gin and vodka and purchase bottles to make your own cocktails at home.

Tommyrotter is at home in the F. N. Burt building, a 114-year-old paper box factory located in the heart of Buffalo's historic Hydraulics manufacturing district. At its height of production, the company produced as many as 4 million boxes a day here, used to store everything from cigarettes to shoe polish. After decades of dormancy, the building was most recently home to New Era Cap Company. Beginning in 2015, and with new revitalization of the Hydraulics district, Tommyrotter Distillery brings honest, small batch, hand labor to this historic site. We use a blend of homegrown New York State grains to produce what we consider to be the cleanest vodka and most flavorful gin. Our gin is infused with herbs, spices, roots and flowers sourced from all over the world that come together in our distiller's secret recipe. Our small batch vodka is a nod to the simple and clear, natural and honest, made with back, hand and heart.

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