Gas Monkey Tequila Cinnamon 750ml

Gas Monkey Tequila Cinnamon 750ml 2010455*

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Everybody has one that friend who's a little crazy, maybe wears the same shirt as yesterday, and talks a little too loudly - but once they show up, the night's about to get a whole lot more fun, guaranteed. Well, that friend is just like Gas Monkey Cinnamon Tequila. When the bottle opens, the party is about to go BOOM!

Local Choice Spirits are created locally via the patented TerrePURE Process, an ultra-sonic (sound wave) energy driven oxidation and filtration process that refines and rapidly matures grain neutral spirits more effectively than traditional multiple distillation, filtering methods or aging in oak barrels. Crafted locally in the USA, Local Choice Spirits use patented advancements in the age old art of refining ordinary distilled spirits to create mature tasting ultra premium luxury spirits. LOCAL CHOICE is a foundation with a mission to shift profits from products and services to our local community by removing expensive marketing and advertising budgets and replacing those dollars with Choice partnering and brand loyalty through education and awareness of consumers and retailers abilities to serve each other. No one does anything differently than what they are already doing. These networking solutions are what enable the shift of profits to aggregate. Contributing to a smarter, happier, more prosperous community!

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Size: 750 ml
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