Segura Viudas Cava Brut 750ml

Segura Viudas Cava Brut 750ml 53660

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Wine maker notes From grape to glass it takes two years to make a bottle of the Brut Reserva. The predominance of the Macabeo grape creates the balanced acidity and fruity characteristics responsible for its finesse and elegance. The grapes used to produce Brut Reserva come from a great diversity of vineyards in the region. We use the individuality of each area to create a balanced and complex Cava. The grapes are whole cluster pressed to retain their fruit and prevent oxidation. The grape juice is allowed to settle for 24 hours which achieves a fruitier and more elegant wine. The first and second fermentations are carried out using our own selected yeast strains. These yeasts give structure, softness on the palate and more complex aromas.
Technical notes 50% Macabeo 35% Parellada 15% Xarello
Food pairing Brut is ideal to start a meal, or a loyal companion to pasta dishes. It can be served with soft cheeses like Brie, pizza, grilled chicken or prawns.
Producer The Segura Viudas Estate dates back to the 11th century and it invites us to take a stroll through history. At the beginning it was an inhabited watch tower, the Galimany Tower, that grew and changed with every new century under architectural styles like Visigoth, Romanesque and Gothic. In the 13th century the tower lost its military importance and was converted into a masia, which is the name given to country houses in Catalonia. From the Mas d’Aranyo to the church of San Salvador de Lavit, the estate, or The Heredad, has borne witness to the many families and much history that can be seen today in the very walls of the building. At the end of the 19th century, surrounding our estate, the various indigenous grape varieties began to flourish in our vineyards and be noted for their winemaking potential . Segura Viudas began producing sparkling wines in 1959, but it was not until 1969 when it began to market those wines, whose quality stood out from the very first moment. In the early 1980’s the estate was purchased by the Ferrer Family as it was known for its high quality cavas and still wines and it fit perfectly in the Freixenet family portfolio. Throughout its history Segura Viudas has continually used the most modern winemaking technology to craft the highest quality Cava’s that to this day remain highly lauded and truly enjoyed across the globe.

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Region: Catalunya
Size: 750 ml
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