Der Lachs Liqueur Danziger Goldwasser 750ml

Der Lachs Liqueur Danziger Goldwasser 750ml 33793

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The Original Danziger Goldwasser is the oldest branded spirit in the world, dating back to 1598. This herbal liqueur contains flakes of real 22 karat gold. Gold was believed to have healing properties by 16th century doctors. Its reputed properties and unique taste made it immensely popular amongst European nobility. It was a personal favorite of Russian Tsars Peter and Catherine the Great. Do not be fooled by imitation gold liqueurs that use gold colored sugar flakes or artificial flavors. This is the purest, the original. On the palate, Original Danziger Goldwasser is spicy and tangy without being hot. Made from a secret recipe, it has tastes of anise, black licorice, and citrus. 40% alcohol

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Size: 750 ml
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