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Denizen Merchant's Reserve 8 Year Old Rum 750ml

Denizen Merchant's Reserve 8 Year Old Rum 750ml sws357704


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The availability of this product is limited and subject to change.Denizen MerchantÂ’s Reserve is the first rum consisting of aged pot still rums from Jamaica and a rare component of strongly aromatic Rhum Grand Arome from Martinique, yielding a flavorful base spirit that will make cocktails shine. The rums used in our blend have been crafted using the finest slow working yeasts, which extend the fermentation time and allow the high ester flavor compounds to fully develop.60% of the blend has been aged a minimum of 8 years in small once-used American oak bourbon barrels giving Denizen MerchantsÂ’s Reserve an unparalleled level of smoothness to rival the worldÂ’s best sipping rums. Tasting Notes - Intensely aromatic and unapologetically funky, Denizen MerchantÂ’s Reserve is a deep amber colored molasses rum with a refined taste profile revealing bright fruity caramel flavors balanced by earthy notes that lead to a long smooth spicy finish.86 Proof

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