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Ventura Spirits Wilder Gin 750ml

Ventura Spirits Wilder Gin 750ml gin170

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Wilder Gin is distilled with wild-harvested, native California botanicals including sagebrush, purple sage, bay, yerba santa, pixie mandarin peel and chuchupate. This dynamic mix of the wild and the cultivated bursts with fresh, savory aromas, like taking a walk through the mountains of the central coast. Drink Wilder straight, or use it to bring out the wilder side of gin cocktails. This is not the Queen's gin, it's Wilder.MANIFEST DESTINY- 2 oz. Wilder Gin- 1 oz. lime juice- 3/4 oz. simple syrup- Muddled sage- 4 dashes mandarinorange88 Proof Gin

ABV: 0.0%
Distillery: Not specified
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