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Pine Barrens American Single Malt Whisky 375ml

Pine Barrens American Single Malt Whisky 375ml hwg577

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Pine Barrens is the First American Single Malt Whisky to be distilled on the North Fork of Long Island. Pine Barrens'' mash is 10% ABV barley wine ale with an IBU rating (International Bitterness Units) of 70. The finished ale is first fermented by Master Distiller, Richard Stabile, followed by a double pot distillation. The distilled ale is aged in petite new American oak casks to attain a uniquely expressive high-quality single malt whisky.

Pine Barrens American Single Malt Whisky is the perfect fusion of craft brewing and small batch distilling. Spicy, rich velvety smooth maltiness with sweet hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, and caramel on the finish. A hint of tangy bitterness from the hoppy ale wash shines through.

95 Proof

ABV: 0.0%
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