Comandon XO Cognac 750ml

Comandon XO Cognac 750ml Liqueur468

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Comandon Cognac "Extra Old" (XO) is a harmonious blend of eighty eaux-de-vie from the four best terroirs of the Cognac region selected for character and softness. It is aged for between 20 and 30 years in red Limousin oak casks that enhance our cognac with subtle aromas. The result of this superior blend is a limited production authentic cognac XO.

The Comandon Cognac XO is rich and concentrated, with superb balance dominated by buttery vanilla and chocolate with hints of sweet leather notes. A powerful cognac with a long structure of oak, fruits and spices that makes for a full bodied but refined cognac, with excellent lingering qualities in the mouth for over 20 minutes.

Each cognac is packaged by hand, from the placing of labels to the closing of the cases. Each case is handmade in metal and it looks like a small piece of luggage out of an action movie. These cognacs come with a limited number certificate hand signed by the owner.

80 Proof

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