Kleiner Feigling Original Fig Liqueur 750ml

Kleiner Feigling Original Fig Liqueur 750ml Liqueur513

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The production of Kleiner Feigling began in 1992 in Eckernforde, Germany. Since then Kleiner Feigling has been the market-leader in the fruit-flavored spirits category and the world's biggest fig-flavored liquor with worldwide sales of over 1,000,000 cases. With only 20% alcohol/volume, Kleiner Feigling has almost no discernable alcohol taste. Whether there is a party, barbecue, Oktoberfest, or bar crawl, Kleiner Feigling is the perfect accompaniment. It is not only the unrivaled, delicious fig taste of Kleiner Feigling that has made it so popular.

40 Proof

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