La Clandestine Absinthe 750ml

La Clandestine Absinthe 750ml Liqueur546

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The best absinthes should rarely, if ever, be consumed straight and have always been distilled at high strengths in order to be mixed with water. For the perfect serve, slowly add 3 to 4 parts iced water from a carafe or absinthe fountain. With La Clandestine, there is no need to pour over a sugar cube and, of course, absolutely no need to burn it!

The "Louche": When iced water is added, it turns milky white with "rumbling thunderclouds" appearing as if by magic and dancing in the glass. This louche has been compared to the thunderclouds above Lake Geneva. As crystal clarity yields to the thunderclouds, the aromas take on added complexity and fill the room. Often described as "fresh as an alpine meadow," its bouquet of flowers and herbs are delicate and masterfully balanced. La Clandestine is "almost uniquely versatile. " Its elegant floral nature appeals both to those just starting their absinthe journey as well as to long-time absinthe connoisseurs. A perfect absinthe for the classic drip serve, it does not have the sometimes overpowering herbaceous notes of some vertes. This makes it a perfect ingredient in classic cocktails such as Death in the Afternoon and in contemporary cocktails such as the Clandestino.

106 Proof

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