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Seven Daughters Winemaker's White Blend NV

Seven Daughters Winemaker's White Blend NV sws163953


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Seven Daughters is a blend of seven carefully chosen grape varieties, crafted together into a sophisticated yet fun wine. Like you and your friends - all different and yet so perfect together. Our white blend pairs beautifully with Sushi, fruit salad, Gulf of Mexico fish (like snapper and grouper), scallops, Asian chicken salad, Cantonese, Thai and Latin cuisines.

Pale straw in color. The intense aromatics for this wine feature notes of orange blossom, tangerine and melon with a subtle hint of apricot and lychee. This crisp, balanced wine opens with the fresh flavors of lychee and mandarin oranges. The citrus influence continues with an intense tangerine flavor. The presence of Gewrztraminer complements the wine with a closing note of spice.

Grape Variety Used:
French Colombard floral aromas open to a surprisingly rich palate of honeydew melon, white peach and apricot.
Chardonnay aromatic and flavorful, often associated with green apples, citrus, custard and pear.
Riesling sweet fruit aromas and pungent acidity, refined structure complemented by delicate flavors including ripe apricots, peaches and melons and sometimes pierced with a vibrant mineral quality.
Symphony crisp and refreshing with pleasant fruit aromas.
Orange Muscat dry and aromatic, redolent of peaches, orange blossoms, tangerine and musk (hence the name).
Gewrztraminer highly aromatic, known for its spice with aromas of passion fruit, rose petals and other floral scents.
Sauvignon Blanc lovely herbal notes with a stiletto of acidity, soft fig and melon characteristics.

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