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Angel's Envy Straight Bourbon 750ml

Angel's Envy Straight Bourbon 750ml bv1157

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Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey finished in a port pipe. This is veteran master distiller Lincoln Henderson?s newest creation, and it?s a beauty. Richly textured, silky, and well-rounded, with ripe berried fruits, candied tangerine, light toffee, maple syrup, and creamy vanilla, sprinkled with spice (cinnamon, hint of mint). Smooth, silky finish, and dangerously drinkable! The port pipe notes dovetail perfectly. Lovely just the way it is, but it?s begging for a cigar. My only gripe: why not 45 or 50% ABV? But I?m splitting hairs. I really enjoy this stuff!

ABV: 43.3%
Distillery: -
Vintage: -
Region: -
Volume: 750 ml
Availability: In Stock
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