Cenote Tequila Anejo 750ml

Cenote Tequila Anejo 750ml rl16906

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Cenote™ Ultra-Premium Tequila made with 100% Agave Azul. Inspired by the beauty of the
Yucatan Peninsula and its underground pools of water unique to this region. Cenote’s are natural
swimming holes formed by the collapse of porous limestone bedrock, which revealed a secret
subterranean world of crystal clear, fresh water that has been meticulously filtered by the earth.
Cenote meaning ‘Sacred Well’ were revered by the Mayans and believed to be ‘windows to the
underworld’ serving as a portal to speak with the gods and goddesses.
Cenote™ Añejo is intricately crafted to showcase a rich amber color with good legs and is aged
12 months in American Oak barrels. A smokey, woody nose with vanilla, spice and chocolate on
the palate. This complex spirit balances the flavors present in the Yucatan Peninsula terrain.

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