Hayotzer Merlot Genesis 750ml

Hayotzer Merlot Genesis 750ml 2303388*-od

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This is the entry level label of Hayotzer Winery, named after the first book of the Bible. Genesis starts with the words “In the beginning…. ”. This is the ‘beginning’ offering from Hayotzer Winery, offering quality at great value for money. The wines are young, fruity, full flavored with a refreshing finish.

Hayotzer Winery is a family, quality focused winery which firmly believes wine is a work of creative art representing the person who made it and place where it is grown. This exciting venture is a unique partnership between one Israel’s finest and most experienced winemakers, French born Philippe Lichtenstein and Israel’s oldest family of wine. The Shor family winery was founded in 1847 in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was the first recorded winery in Israel. Today eight generations later it remains the oldest and one of the largest family wineries in Israel. At this stage the quality ambitions of the Shor family met the extraordinary winemaking talent of Philippe Lichtenstein, and the result was the new Hayotzer Winery focused on quality, style and value. Hayotzer Winery believes wine is art and art is wine. The winemaker, (Hayotzer - the creator), is the artist. The customer who enjoys a wine, is appreciating a work of art like any other. The winery believes in producing the best quality wines possible. To this end the Shor family has planted new vineyards in Israel’s finest quality wine regions, like the Upper Galilee and Judean Hills. All vineyard activity is strictly monitored and managed by the winemaker. Hayotzer combines over 170 years of tradition and family history, with the terroir of Israel’s finest quality wine regions and the winemaking artistry of the winemaker.

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Vintage: 2016
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Size: 750 ml
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