Creencia Con Juventud 750ml

Creencia Con Juventud 750ml 2235013*

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Creencia {crai·en·zi·a} = Belief This is our wine story about the power of BELIEF. Our belief in the youthful expression of the Monastrell choosing to age only 6month, enhancing and not overwhelming the fruit. Our belief that the dry farming method has enriched our harvest. The Monastrell vineyards we have found are dry-farmed, meaning they do not have a system of irrigation in place. Jumilla is known as a dry region with very low rainfall. Lacking natural precipitation and watering system, our vines need to have deep and complex root structures to properly nourish each grape cluster. Together, David Tofterup and Daniel Alba, have made a fusion of their styles, experiences and passions that can be tasted in every drop Creencia Juventud has to offer. With Creencia we will make a believer of you too! Creencia con juventud (with youth) is an ode to the vibrant fruit that Monastrell enclose. This unique wine is made from grapes selected from dry farmed vineyards over 35 years old, planted in the cooler spots of Jumilla in the northern part of the region which allow to preserve good natural acidity and freshness without renouncing to the power of the Monastrell grape.

We are a modern Spanish winery like no other you have known! Specialized in modern Spanish wines and well established in the global wine industry since 1996, Hammeken Cellars is dedicated to introducting the world to the grape varietals that have deep set roots in the history of Spain; where each varietal can tell a very unique story about Spain. Yes, we are dedicated to the traditional varietals of Spain, but in no way should we be confused with the traditional Spanish wine profile as we represent a whole NEW SPAIN, a youthful Spain, a Spain worth getting to know! We are a dynamic winery made up of an enthusiastic and experienced team of 21 professionals. The team is inclusive of an educated and highly experienced sales team with approximately 75 years of experience between them; efficient and friendly logistics coordinators; in house graphic designers; and an impressive team of 5 winemakers being lead by David Tofterup, Hammeken Cellars director of winemaking, who has achieved his success through years of theoretical and practical training internationally. The set up we have allows our clients to be active participantes in the brand process. We value the imput and knowledge that our clients have with regards to their individual and unique markets. We thrive on what we call “wine-storming” where we bounce ideas off one another and together with the clients come up with a uniquely marketable product. We are currently exporting throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas with aproximate export of +1. 5 million cases and growing.

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