Pico Maccario Barbera D'asti Superiore Epico 750ml

Pico Maccario Barbera D'asti Superiore Epico 750ml 2275752*

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Modern ideas are our force, enthusiasm what gives us energy, quality our primary objective, tradition the very foundations of our wok. We are located in Mombaruzzo, in Italy’s Piedmont region, in Barbera d’Asti territory. Our roots plunge deep below the vines, between the rows, running through that area between the Tanaro and Belbo rivers in what we call – with profound affection – the “golden triangle”. Our modern ideas allow us to optimize the cellar work, to dedicate our entire attention to attaining the highest possible quality in our wines, to believe in our winery and its work – work in we continuously invest in order to constantly improve quality. We are guided by our enthusiasm, by common ideas and a spirit, and by the awareness that our work is what we most love. We like to think that these factors are summed up in something essential: the quality of the wines, fruit of a family tradition, of a priceless sense of team spirit, and by constant research in the vineyards and in the cellars. We are all of these things, but we are, above all, a past which is also a present: the story of a grand passion for Barbera.

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Vintage: 2015
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Size: 750 ml
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