Tiamo Pinot Grigio 750ml

Tiamo Pinot Grigio 750ml 1934606*

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Wine maker notes
After gentle pressing of the grapes and clarification of the must, primary fermentation takes place in temperature controlled stainless steel vats at 16°C (60°F) for 15 days. After fermentation is complete, the wine is stored at 17–18°C (63°F) until bottling.

Technical notes
Total Acidity: 5. 1 g/l Alcohol: 12% Residual Sugar: 3. 5 g/l

Other text
Pinot Grigio is a mutated clone of Pinot Noir whose skin, instead of a red color, has a greyish hue—thus the name Grigio, Italian for grey. Originally from France, where it is known as Pinot Gris, the grape was taken to Italy where it thrives in the hillside vineyards of the Veneto region of Northeast Italy, producing a crisp, light, dry wine with pronounced fruity and floral aromas and flavors.

Food pairing
Tiamo Pinot Grigio pairs well with a wide array of lighter cuisine, especially fish, shellfish, poultry, pastas in cream sauce and softer cheeses. It’s also an ideal aperitif. Ideally serve at 10–12°C, about 50–54°F.

Mel and Janie are from England but both now US citizens. Mel has been in the wine business ever since leaving school and he met Janie when they were only twelve and thirteen (she played the piano and he played the guitar!) and as they grew up together, they shared a passion for food and wine. They married at 19 and 20. The couple left England to live in France in 1970 and started a company called Master Wines and began selling little known French wines in the USA. Mel was a pioneer in bringing great wine values to the USA from France.

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Vintage: 2013
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Size: 750 ml
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