Hakutsuru Sake Nigori Sayuri 720ml

Hakutsuru Sake Nigori Sayuri 720ml 1518205*

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Smooth, creamy and delicious, with fresh floral aromas and a light sweetness. Sayuri means “a little lily” in Japanese, containing strong connotations of delicacy, lightness and floral character. Sayuri is best served chilled and pairs well with spicy food and desserts such as chocolate.

Technical notes
PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS- GRADE: Nigori- MILLING/POLISH: 70%- ALCOHOL: 12. 5%- RICE :Japanese Domestic- SMV: -11- YEAST: Hakutsuru Proprietary Yeast- PROFILE: Smooth, Lush, Fruity, Floral- SERVING TEMP. : Chilled or Room Temp- SIZES: 720ml, 300ml- PRODUCTION DETAILS- AGING TYPE: Not Aged- PASTEURIZATION: Twice Pasteurized- PRESSING: Yabuta- BREWERY DETAILS- NAME: Hakutsuru- LOCATION: Hyogo Prefecture- TOJI: Kosa Mitsuhiro-

Food pairing
A good match not only with Japanese food like Yakitori or Sukiyaki but also with Western cuisine.

Founded in 1743, Hakutsuru is one of the oldest sake producers in Japan and is located in the Nada district of Kobe, a leading sake production area known throughout Japan. The name Hakutsuru means “white crane”. The Japanese crane’s reserved character and graceful appearance, and the cultural association of seeing the crane in flight as an auspicious sign made the crane an ideal symbol to represent the excellent quality of Hakutsuru’s sake.

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