Joto Sake Junmai 300ml

Joto Sake Junmai 300ml 1950779*-od

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Technical notes
Seimaibuai: 80% Nihonshudo: +7. 5 Acidity: 1. 4 Amino Acidity: 1. 0 Rice: Dewa-No-Sato Yeast: Local Yamagata Shubo Method: Sokujo Pressing: Yabuta Filtration: Light Pasteurization: Twice

Located in the Yamagata region of northern Japan, the Eiko Fuji Brewing Company was founded in 1778 and is now lead by the 13th generation of the Katou family. The katou’s name their sake after Mt. Fuji because they wanted their sake to be as glorious as this symbol.

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