Kanbara Sake Junmai Ginjo Bride Of The Fox 720ml

Kanbara Sake Junmai Ginjo Bride Of The Fox 720ml 1580509*

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This sake is named for the famous fox-bride festival held annually in Niigata to celebrate a local legend about mysterious lights that have appeared on nearby Mt. Kirin. Brewed with locally-grown Gohyakumangoku rice.

Technical notes
Seimaibuai: 50% (50% of rice grain polished away) Rice: Gohyakumangoku Yeast: Brewer’s Original Nihonshu-do: 3 Alcohol: 16. 5% Acidity: 1. 6

Amidst fine scenery, this old Niigata river-port town became famous for sake brewing as a place that was allowed to brew sake during the short-lived era of Japanese prohibition. Their signature brand Kirin is named after Kirin Castle (which was built in 1252 and named after mythical Chinese beast the Kirin, which allegedly appears with a Saint is born). This sake is made to be enjoyed during special occasions and celebrations for good luck. Two generations of this sake family worked as Sake Quality Appraisers for the Japanese Taxation Bureau.

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