Makiri Sake Junmai Ginjo Extra Dry 720ml

Makiri Sake Junmai Ginjo Extra Dry 720ml 2159039*

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MAKIRI literally means “Demon Cutter”. In Sakata City, Yamagata, local fishermen call their knife ”Makiri,” believing it can protect against evil forces which cause unfortunate events and natural disasters. Made with KIMOTO traditional method. Clean and deep flavor. Sharp aftertaste with extra dryness. Perfect pairing with seafood or sushi.

Technical notes
Rice Polishing Rate: 55% Rice Grain: Miyama Nishiki SMV: +8. 0 Acidity: 1. 5 Alcohol: 15. 5%

The Brewery is located in Sakata City, Yamagata. During the Edo period, Sakata was one Japan’s major ports, with many merchants and workers coming from all over the country. These people also brought their own local culture and experience with foods, which had a major influence on local cuisine.

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Size: 720 ml
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