Yoshinogawa Sake Junmai Ginjo Winter Warrior 300ml

Yoshinogawa Sake Junmai Ginjo Winter Warrior 300ml 1737715*

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The Winter Warrior is a special brew for sake lovers ? from novices to connoisseurs alike. A collaboration between Yoshinogawa’s master brewers and SakeOne, it reflects the brewers’ craft from rice selection, yeast choice, and koji handling. Every element is managed gently to coax out the most desired aroma and flavor. The name, Winter Warrior, represents the Kurabito, the brewery workers who continue to labor during Nagaoka, Niigata’s deepest winter snows (often reaching 20+ feet high) to craft the finest sakes.

Yoshinogawa is the oldest sake brewery in Niigata Prefecture. This ancient brewery was founded in 1548 and retains many of its age-old practices while keeping focused on the changes in the world today. Master brewer Fujino-san focuses his team’s efforts on crafting the finest sake. Together they draw from centuries-old knowledge and techniques to brew diverse styles that each reflect the lush, fertile agricultural region of Niigata.

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