Offley Port Tawny Barao De Forrester 750ml

Offley Port Tawny Barao De Forrester 750ml 1212007*-od

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Founded in London in 1737 by William Offley, initially as wine merchants, Offley was soon exporting wines and later began to produce its own Porto Wine. The brand gained international recognition as a creator of premium quality wines. A decisive moment in its development was the arrival of Joseph James Forrester as partner in the company - a charismatic man who would later be known as the Baron of Forrester and who played a key role in expanding Offley and the Porto Wine industry in the Nineteenth Century. Joseph James Forrester joined the company in the 1830’s and his entire adult life in Portugal was devoted to Douro and Porto Wine. In addition to contributing to the growth of Porto wine’s international trade links, Forrester was the first to chart the Douro River and Valley, an accomplishment that earned him recognition from and entry into various European Geography and Art societies. Over the years, Offley has invested in the production of their wines, installed and replanted landmark vineyards, built and maintained their fantastic cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia and expanded the brand’s distribution. Sogrape Vinhos merged with Forrester & Cª. , Holder of Offley, thereby strengthening its leadership in the domestic Porto Wine market and positioning itself as one of the largest exporters in the sector on the international market. Respecting Offley’s values and experience, Sogrape Vinhos has managed to boost the success of its wines by appealing to a variety of market segments, particularly young consumers.

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