Social Enjoyments Sparkling Sake Hibiscus Cucumber 10L

Social Enjoyments Sparkling Sake Hibiscus Cucumber 10L 2100457*

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Only 88 calories per can Organically sweetened & flavored Gluten-Free, Sulfite-Free, GMO-Free 1g of sugar, 4g of carbs 4% ABV sparkling sake wine First alcohol to show nutrition label Made in the Midwest

Our mission is to create the world’s most health-conscious alcohol, empowering people to be able to enjoy alcohol and live connected, vibrant lives! After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 26, Leah sought out a holistic approach to life. This step towards a healthier life included adhering to a strict vegan diet that cut out alcohol and cured her aliment after just three years. Leah realized that people seeking healthier lifestyles should not be limited in their options, especially when it comes to socializing. We are committed to never cutting corners and pushing through all the barriers to create a deliciously organic, lightly sweetened, gluten-free alcoholic option. We are one of the first alcohol companies to show our ingredients and nutrition label on the packaging. Shouldn’t all alcohol companies do that? We are a small startup team in Chicago, and we couldn’t build this business without our supporters, so thanks for stopping by!

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Size: 10 L
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