Billecart-salmon Champagne Brut Sous Bois 750ml

Billecart-salmon Champagne Brut Sous Bois 750ml 1829840*-od

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This unique cuvee, entirely vinified in oak, is respectfully composed of the three champenois grape varieties. It totally masters the art of blending by renewing the ancestral spirit and savoir faire of the original Champagnes.

This is an impressive range of new releases from Billecart-Salmon, and the finesse and purity is outstanding. - Stephan Reinhardt, Interim December 2018 Week 1, The Wine Advocate

Food pairing
A reference for pleasure and emotion because of its remarkable finesse. Its strength of character and honesty make an ideal accompaniment to seafood and poultry. This wine is ideally served at cellar temperature 10°.

In the heart of Champagne, situated in the charming village of Mareuil-sur-A , is a Champagne House family-owned and independent for nearly 200 years. It all began in 1818 when Nicolas Francois Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon founded a Champagne House that was above all conscious of the excellence of its wines. Since then, every member of the Billecart family has been committed to perpetuate the family tradition through standing by the immutable oath: ‘Give priority to quality, strive for excellence’. Proof of this eternal demand: the family garden at the BILLECART-SALMON estate. This garden was redesigned in 1926 in a French style under the guidance of Charles Roland-Billecart. The idea of his project was to create a garden at the heart of the village, enclosed by walls surrounded by lime trees primed in to a canopy, with boxwood enbroidery, lawns and flowerbeds. The garden was kept in this style until 1999, when a storm destroyed the remaining old trees, leaving only one chestnut tree soon to be 200 years old. Francois Roland-Billecart, therefore decided to enlarge his grandfather’s garden by adjoining the part of it that had stayed out of sight. He entrusted this project to his sister Veronique Roland-Billecart. From the foundation of the House of BILLECART-SALMON in 1818 until now, each generation has invested in the preservation of this garden. Furthermore the family has thrown itself in to modernising the art of their wine making descended from nearly two centuries of experience. With a background of the best champenois tradition, the House of BILLECART-SALMON sways between excellence and demand, keen to convey their love of champagne whilst cultivating a certain amount of mystery.

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