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Etienne Sauzet Bourgogne Blanc 750ml

Etienne Sauzet Bourgogne Blanc 750ml 2237294*

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Wine maker notes
Gerard Boudot, who made a bit more than half a cropin 2016, told me it?s hard to compare this vintage with an earlier year. ?Maybe a fatter version of 2007 for some estates,? he offered. ?But there?s a huge disparity between cuvees in 2016 due to the frost. Some wines will be best early for their fruit but the rest should be normal mid-term agers-up to 12 years. The ripeness is not exceptional and the wines are not especially aromatic today, but they are solid, not fragile, and the acidity is good. ?

The white wines of Puligny-Montrachet are probably the most famous and most widely acclaimed in the world. The domaine of Etienne Sauzet is made up of 26 acres, much of it in the heart of the premier crus vineyards of this famed village. Gerard Boudot, owner and winemaker of Domaine Sauzet, is seeking ?maximum finesse and an individual expression of the climate. ? M. Boudot, who married the granddaughter of the late Etienne Sauzet, runs the domaine and has modernized and improved the vinification, making the wines of this domaine among the most sought-after white wines of Burgundy. The estate has been bottling 100% of its production since the early 1950? and, since 1975, the domaine has been selling the entirety of its production in bottle.

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Vintage: 2016
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Volume: 750 ml
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