Monmousseau Brut Etoile 750ml

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The Tradition began thanks to the audacity and the expertise of Alcide Monmousseau who, in 1886, founded a fine wine merchant house in Montrichard (Loir & Cher) where he discovered one of the most important sources of tufa (the region’s limestone). Abandoned after being used to construct the royal castles of the Loire, he transformed the quarry into an efficient winegrowing cellar. It became a network of 15 km of underground galleries, the temperature of which remained around 12°C, whatever the season. In addition, the hygrometry was ideal for the production and the conservation of wines. At the beginning of the 20th century, Justin-Marcel Monmousseau, the nephew and successor of Alcide at the head of the house of Monmousseau, discovered many similarities between the terroirs and the grape varieties of Champagne and those of Touraine. The maturing qualities of the cellars of Montrichard allowed him to make a Great Wine according to the production methods of Dom Perignon which he had already carefully observed. In less than 5 years, he became a producer of “Great Sparkling Wines” and well-known even outside of France. As of 1930, Justin Marcel’s Monmousseau sparkling wines were distributed throughout Europe where they were notably served at the table of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. They were also equally distributed in the United States where they are still highly appreciated. When Justin-Marcel passed away in 1972, he was succeeded by his son, Jean, followed by his grand-son Armand until 1994. At present, Monmouseau is one of the leading producers of sparkling wines in Touraine elaborated according to the ”Methode Traditionnelle” : AOC Touraine, Vouvray, Cremant de Loire. The company also boasts a selection of premium still wines, sourced from local winegrowers. The company has heavily invested in winemaking equipment, in particular in thermo-regulated vats, allowing it to make wine according to optimal conditions, including elaborating white wines at a low temperature. The company’s quality-driven strategy combines modern and traditional techniques, including the «Methode Traditionnelle» which entails maturing wines in a horizontal position for over two years following their second fermentation. The MONMOUSSEAU brand is recognized at home and abroad alike. It is distributed throughout the United States, as well as by the Nicolas chain store in Quebec, and an airline company in Japan.

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