Plantation Rum Xaymaca Special Dry 750ml

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With Xaymaca Special Dry, Plantation revives the quintessential Jamaican-style, 100% pot still rums of the 19th century with an expression of intense flavors that reveal the traditional, legendary 1/2 Rum Funk ? : aromas and flavors of black banana and flambeed pineapple, locally called ?Hogo,? an Anglicization of the French term ?Haut Gout? (high taste). Xaymaca evokes the name given to the island by its first inhabitants, the Arawaks. This nectar is a return to the origins of Jamaican rum, in all its complexity and intensity. With its latest investment in the Caribbean, Plantation now owns a third of the mythical ?Long Pond? and ?Clarendon? Jamaican distilleries. Thanks to these exceptional production tools, Alexandre Gabriel made his dream of blending a 100% pot still Jamaican rum a reality. Xaymaca Special Dry is a blend of rums distilled in the old John Dore pot still at Long Pond and the Vendome at Clarendon. The idea is to boldly assert the powerful and expressive character of these rums.

Technical notes
Alc. /Vol. : 43% Origin : Jamaica Distilleries : Clarendon and Long Pond Raw material : Molasses Fermentation : 1 and 3 weeks Distillation : Pot Still (Vendome) from Clarendon Distillery / Pot Still (John Dore) from Long Pond Distillery Tropical ageing : 1 to 3 y. o. in ex-Bourbon casks Continental ageing, elevage : 1 year in ex-Cognac casks Volatile Substances : 312 g/hL AA Esters : 156g/hL AA Marks : Clarendon EMB & MLC marks / Long Pond VRW & STC^E marks Classification : Plummer Dosage : 0 g/L

A resourceful manager, Alexandre Gabriel decides to sell some of his cognac casks to other producers, notably rum producers. The Caribbean and Latin American are now on his radar. Soon the region reveals dozens of unique and fascinating rum expressions that captivate the rum-maker?s attention. Each island brings its own discoveries. ?I love authentic products that express the personality of the land that grew them. I find the diversity fascinating, exuberating. The joy of tasting the best rums right out of the still from one island to the next is blissful. The degrees of fermentation and distillation are always unique. And this is where I saw an opportunity ! I wondered (and could taste) what my team and I could do with such varying distillations. At that moment I knew in my heart that we could perfect the methods of aging in wood casks that we knew so well from producing Cognac. Voila, the idea for Plantation is launched. ? In the Caribbean and in my day, a ?Plantation? is simply a farm. I grew up on a farm, I live on one now, and what fascinates me above everything else is the agricultural aspect of our spirits. The name Plantation seemed like a given for our brand, which aims to reflect the major terroirs and cultures of rum. Alexandre Gabriel now spends several months a year in the Caribbean combing for treasure: the best rum barrels he can find. His efforts have paid off generously in the partnerships he has forged with equally passionate local producers. He has nurtured lasting relationships with the best Caribbean distilleries. Plantation is also owner of the mythical West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados and is a shareholder of National Rum of Jamaica, owner of Clarendon Distillery and Long Pond Distillery. These investments in the production of rum enable us to secure the supply and quality of these two major terroirs, Barbados (where rum was invented in the 17th century) and Jamaica. The range of Plantation rum honors the softness of Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica? evoking the great epic of exotic and adventurous maritime commerce that ruled the day.

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