Best Alcohol Gifts Under $59.99

Whether you’re looking for something you can give to a friend or family member for the holidays or you’re searching for an option for a wedding, birthday gift, or something you can give your boss, you may have decided on a bottle of alcohol as the best solution. Bottles of alcohol can be great gifts for the right recipient, so if you know the person in question loves liquor or is interested in trying new alcoholic options, this can be an excellent way to show you care.
However, it’s no secret that some of the nicest bottles of booze out there can become very pricey, very fast. If you’re looking for some great alcohol on a budget for the next big gift-giving event in your life, take a look at our list below. We’ve put together a selection of several bottles of various types of alcohol you can purchase for under $59.99 to help you find the right choice even when you’ve got to work within a budget. Pick from these choices and you’re sure to give an alcoholic gift that will be well-received, much appreciated, and delicious at the same time.

Brooklyn Gin

Whether your gift recipient loves gin or just appreciates a beautiful bottle of liquor on the shelf, Brooklyn Gin may be the way to go. This alcoholic gift option features unique herbal flavors and has a citrus note as well. It’s sure to be the perfect addition to any favorite cocktail, and it will turn heads thanks to the minimalistic and elegant design of the bottle too. Go this route when you know your recipient enjoys the traditional flavors of gin as well as trying new things.
Price range: $40-50

Bruno Paillard NV Premiere Cuvee Brut Champagne

It can be very challenging to find a real champagne—as in, one that can have the word “Champagne” on the label—under $59.99, but Bruno Paillard NV Premiere Cuvee Brut Champagne comes in under the mark. This very well-known champagne option features a fruity pear and apple flavor throughout each sip and comes in an elegant and traditional bottle that looks great on any liquor shelf, too. This is a great bottle of champagne to give for a celebration or for the holiday season.
Price range: $40-50

Highland Park Magnus

Highland Park Magnus comes from the well-known and widely-recognized Highland Park distillery, known for producing Scotch whisky that has an herbal and botanical aroma and flavor throughout. This whisky bottle is as elegant as it is stylish, and the flavor of the whisky in question features a toasty and very slightly sweet taste with a smoky vanilla licorice finish that you have to taste to believe. Whether you’re looking for a gift to give based on the appearance of the bottle or you want to make an impression with flavor—or both—this is a great pick.
Price range: $40-50

The Botanist

For a very unique twist on gin from the well-known Bruichladdich distillery in Scotland, consider The Botanist. This gin is made with the usual aromatics meant for gin as well as 22 more, which are all found as native plants on the island of Islay. Because of all these flavors, the gin doesn’t have any additional flavorings added at all. The gin is distilled in a Lomond-style still, which is a traditional Scottish still from the post-WWII era. It takes four times as long to distill gin in this type of still, further contributing to the strange but intriguing individuality of The Botanist.
Price range: $30-40

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

Looking for a whisky to give to someone who is just getting started enjoying whisky? How about something that’s won tons of awards for its quality and flavor? If any of this is interesting to you, then don’t skip Glenfiddich 12 Year Old. This single malt whisky has an apple and pear flavor with a touch of butterscotch and raisin for a combination of aromas and tastes that makes it palatable even to those who aren’t yet used to whisky. You may even want to pick up a bottle for yourself when you’re buying your gifts!
Price range: $30-40

Torbreck 2012 “The Struie” Shiraz

Shiraz has grown in popularity considerably in the past several years, and this Torbreck 2012 “The Struie” Shiraz is a great addition to any collection of this beloved red wine. Bottled in Australia, this shiraz goes down smooth and features a licorice undertone with its fruity red start. It finishes with a slightly smoky and almost meaty flavor, making it a great pick for any recipient who loves to grill or cook regularly and enjoys serving wine with dinner. This is a very full and powerful red wine that truly stands out in terms of flavor.
Price range: $50-59.99

Perimeter Merlot

Perimeter is a vineyard bottling wines in Washington state. When you’re looking for a very affordable wine that tastes like it cost more than it did, you can’t go wrong with just about any of their line of options. However, their Merlot goes above and beyond and truly comes across as a sophisticated choice despite being on the lower end of most budgets. This wine features a vanilla cherry flavor in the front with a strawberry and clove note at the end for a refreshing bite of juiciness with every sip.
Price range: $10-20

As you can see, there are plenty of great choices out there when you’re looking to buy a bottle of booze on a budget. Shopping in the price range of under $59.99 can open up a world of flavorful, unique, and surprisingly elegant choices among many different types of alcohol, so don’t be afraid to get out there and do some digging around for yourself if our top picks didn’t pique your interests. And remember that the bottles on our list above are all some of the most widely-recommended or intriguing options around this year, too. Your recipient is sure to be pleased with any of these options!

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