11 Gifts for the Wine Enthusiast in Your Life

Do you know someone who loves wine? How about someone who really loves wine? When you’ve got a wine enthusiast in your life, you may have some trouble knowing what to buy for them. After all, there’s a good chance they’ve already got all the wine they need and know exactly what they like in terms of their favorite labels, so a gift of a wine bottle may not go over too well. If this sounds like your situation for the next big gift-giving holiday in your life, then you’re in luck. Below, we’ve put together a list of 11 great gifts you can give to someone who loves wine without having to buy them a bottle of wine yourself.

Wine Club Subscription

You may want to check with your wine enthusiast friend to ensure he or she doesn’t already have a subscription to a wine club or wine box delivery service. If not, this can be a fun gift that keeps on giving—and it takes the pressure off of you for choosing the bottles, too.
Price range: $50-100

Wine Mulling Spices

Nothing tastes quite as inviting and comforting as mulled wine, and making it at home can be a fun experience for a wine lover. Give a gift of wine mulling spices, complete with a how-to card, and you’re sure to get some smiles in return.
Price range: $20-30

Picnic Basket with Wine Compartment

This may be a little off the beaten path in terms of gifts, but if your wine enthusiast friend is the type to decorate his or her home with all things wine, then you can’t go wrong with gifting a wicker picnic basket complete with a compartment or two for a bottle of wine. This is a very old-fashioned and traditional item that looks great in any wine lover’s home.
Price range: $70-80

Wine Infused Coffee

Yes, there’s wine-infused coffee out there, and no, it’s not that expensive. This type of coffee is made by aging the beans in a merlot barrel, thus allowing them to pick up some of the flavors of the wine. When the coffee is brewed, it has a berry undertone.
Price range: $10-20

Wine Candles

Did you know there are candles that are made to smell exactly like some of the most popular types of wine? This is a fun and quirky little gift that many wine fans might overlook on their own, but they’re sure to appreciate if it’s gifted by a friend or family member. You can find the aromas of reds, whites, and roses all represented among some of the best wine candles out there.
Price range: $20-30

Personalized Wine Glasses

This is another one a wine enthusiast may already have, but if not, it can be a very tasteful gift even for someone you don’t know very well. Consider a monogrammed letter on the glass instead of a full first name for an even classier look.
Price range: $40-50

Wine Infused Salt

If the wine coffee isn’t enough for your friend, how about some wine salt? This salt is infused with either a red, a white, or a rose wine, giving each option a unique finishing flavor. It can be purchased individually or in a set in most situations. Although it may not be for everyone, a person who loves wine and also enjoys cooking may have a lot of fun with these flavored salts.
Price range: $30-40

Wine Journal

Anyone who loves wine is sure to love keeping track of all their favorites (as well as those they might prefer to stay away from in the future) with the help of a wine journal. There are many different types of wine journals out there, so shop around and look for one that suits the recipient’s personality perfectly for best results. Some of these journals even offer separate sections for different types of wine to make it even easier to keep track of sipping and tasting.
Price range: $20-30

Cork Holder or Display

People who love wine often like to save the corks from their favorite bottles or from bottles they enjoyed at special occasions in their lives. There are many different types of cork holders and display cases out there, ranging from the traditional to the more unique. You can find them in several different shapes and styles, and they make great gifts for those who like to save memories of their best wine experiences.
Price range: $10-20

Wine-Themed Art

There are plenty of art prints out there featuring bottles of wine, and you can also find unique wine charts and maps that may look great in a wine lover’s home, too. Another fun option is to look for local artists who may have painted or otherwise created artwork featuring wine. This can be a much more personal gift that will always remind your wine-loving friend of where he or she is from.

Price range: $20-80

New Glasses, Decanters, or Corkscrews
While it may feel like a little bit of a cop-out, someone who loves wine is probably always looking for new, unique wine glasses to enjoy their favorite beverage out of. Or they may be on the hunt for the perfect decanter to display and serve from when they have company. Even still, they may need a corkscrew that’s higher-quality than their existing one. You never know, and you usually can’t go wrong giving a wine fan a few wine-friendly housewares.
Price range: $10-50

Did you find something good to give to your wine-loving friend of family member? It can be intimidating trying to choose a bottle of wine for someone in your life who may potentially know more about wine than you do, so when you find yourself in this situation, be sure to pick one of the fun items from our list above. Any wine enthusiast is sure to enjoy these gift options, and your gift-giving may go a little bit smoother when you pick one or more of them, too!

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