Top Wine Trends—Don’t Miss It

Are you a fan of wine? Do you pride yourself on knowing what’s hot and what’s not in the world of wine drinking? Or are you just starting out enjoying wine and looking for new ways to experience it? Whatever brings you to your next bottle of wine, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for upcoming wine trends and those that are just starting to catch on. Understanding these trends can help shape the way you enjoy and experience wine for yourself, and it may also make a difference in the wines you purchase for friends, family, and colleagues too. Below, we’ll walk you through some popular modern wine trends and give you a little information about some of the less welcome trends out there, too.

Affordable Wine
Tastes are changing in the wine world, and so are budgets. As the next generation of wine-drinkers starts buying more and more bottles, the wine industry is seeing a marked shift toward more affordable wines and away from premium, expensive bottles. This is due in part to changes in salary across the board, but it also has to do with a rising interest in craft beers. Smaller, local vineyards are getting involved in this trend, too, by providing wines with unique flavor profiles that may be quite different from the traditional, premium options out there.

Chinese Wine
Yes, you read that right—China is making a splash in the world of wine production, and many wine aficionados are loving it. While there are many export laws, tariffs, and other issues to consider when trying to purchase Chinese wine, some of the most popular and widely-known Chinese wine regions are already supplying other countries with some unique options. China commonly produces flavored wines that may deviate a little from the traditional reds and whites, and this is an exciting trend that is keeping wine fans on their toes.

Canned Wine
Many wine purists hate canned wine, but many up-and-coming wine fans love it. Wherever you fall on the topic of wine in a can, you can’t argue that it’s becoming more popular around the world. Cans make wine easier to take along on vacations or to events, and they also provide a unique variation on wine that appeals to the younger groups making up more and more of wine sales as the years go on, too. Canned wine is fun and quirky, so until the newness wears off, you can expect to see it rise in popularity even more.

Organic Wine
Otherwise known as natural wine, this is a product that is made from organic materials and is created in a completely natural fashion without removing anything from the product or adding anything, either. Many people prefer organic, natural wine because of health issues or food allergies, while others believe it is not really wine and that it doesn’t have a flavor that can really compare. Like canned wine, everyone seems to have their own personal opinions about natural wine, but it’s still getting quite popular. If you’ve never tried it before, you might want to do yourself a favor and sample some the next time you have a chance.

Tap Wine
With the rise in popularity of craft beer, tap wine has become more prominent, too. This is especially true in the UK, but it’s catching on elsewhere, and no matter where you live, you should expect more wines to be available on tap in the coming years. This is a more environmentally sound method of supplying wine and also helps spread the names of some lesser-known wine brands and vineyards a bit more easily than bottled options, so it’s supported for the most part by the wine industry.

Sparkling Wine
Sure, sparkling wine has always been around, but as the next generation of wine drinkers comes along and cannot afford to purchase true Champagne, less expensive variations are cropping up more and more. Sparkling wine, too, is starting to show up in unique flavors that cater to the younger crowd of wine fans, and many of these are sweeter than traditional sparkling wines. At the same time, however, real Champagne has seen a bit of a boom in popularity, too, so it may be safe to assume that all carbonated wines are going to make a comeback.

Anytime Rose
In the past, rose was treated as a wine meant for desserts and cooling off on a hot day. However, tastes are changing, and rose’s sweet flavor is beginning to appeal to wine drinkers at any time of the year—and with just about any meal, too. If you’re a fan of rose, this is good news for you, as more vineyards are working to produce interesting flavor profiles in their rose offerings. In turn, more rose variations will become available as time goes on.

Wines from Other Fruits
This isn’t a new trend, but it’s worth remembering. Wines made from fruit other than grapes are always on the rise, and you’re likely to see new and exciting options on the shelves at the liquor store when you’re searching for something like this. if you love strawberry, orange, or even watermelon wine, this is your time to get out there and bring home all sorts of modern twists on your favorite beverage. On the other hand, if you’re a bit of a wine purist, don’t be afraid to try one or two of these sometime—you may be surprised.

Do you feel like you’ve learned a little bit more about wine trends? There’s a lot to keep up with out there, and in the end, there’s nothing that says you have to be on top of these fads in order to enjoy wine. Just remember that you may want to give one or more of these a try the next time you head to the local wine store, and that you might want to consider some of these trends for the next big gift-giving holiday, too. 

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